Christmas Blocks

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Set of 14 wooden blocks that spell out Merry Christmas. Letters are on two sides, my elf illustrations (14 different ones) are on two and amusing, inappropriate comments about Christmas are on the other two sides (14 different observations about the holidays).

They read:

M is for Mediocre, like the meal we just had
E is for Eating, the season’s one redeeming quality.
R is for Relatives that I wish would go away.
R is for Rotten stinking Christmas.
Y is for Yucky Yucky egg nog.

C is for Cranky, which is how I will be until after the holidays.
H is for Humbug, as in Bah Humbug.
R is for Re-gift, like what I just gave you.
I is for Itchy, like the ugly sweater you just gave me.
S is for Sanity. Mine is gone. Yours?
T is for Tedious and Tiresome. Enough said.
M is for Me. Yeah that’s right… What did you get Me?
A is for the Alcohol we need to get us through the holidays.
S is for Slave labour. Poor little elves.

Note: the color/colour of my more recent blocks is slightly darker than the first batch.  Please indicate if you have a preference while supplies of either last. The photo of Merry shows the variation.