BOOK: Close Your Eyes And Dream

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This book started off with the purchase of a bag of more than fifty cookie cutters from a thrift store. The cutters were animals, insects, birds and sea creatures.
Cookie cutters are designed to produce the same shape over and over. Boring. I was inspired to trace them and turn each one into a unique and special character. Each cookie cutter creature is a celebration of eccentricity and individual uniqueness.

In this book, each character has a daytime personality that they are taking to bedtime with them. However, when they close their eyes and dream they have the opportunity to explore an opposite side of themselves.

I hope that the characters will inspire my little one to ‘close his eyes and dream’ and to always remember that he is a unique and special creature.

The book is broken into chapters so parents have the option of a shorter bedtime read on those occasions when it’s already past well past the target bedtime. You’ll notice that I do not avoid ‘big words’, so if your child asks what ‘pompous’ or ‘renowned’ means. Tell them.

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